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Practicamos las preguntas de nuestro examen.

Si queréis practicar en casa para el examen, aquí teneis un gran número de preguntas. podeis practicar cada día unas cuantas, para que el día del examen estemos más que preparados.
Trinity questions GESE 3
1.      How are you? I´m fine, thank you and you?

2.      What´s your name? My name is Irene.

3.      How old are you? I´m 7.

4.      Where do you come from? I´m from Spain. I´m from Morocco…

5.      Where do you live? I live in Las Rozas.

6.      Tell me about Las Rozas. Describe Las Rozas: it´s a big town. There´s a Town Hall, there are schools, there are shops, there´s a shopping centre, some parks and cinemas

7.      What can I visist in Las Rozas? You can visist the shopping centre, the library and the Calle Real.

8.      What´s the Calle Real? It´s the main street of the town.

9.      Where is it? It´s near the school in the centre of Las Rozas.

10.  Do you live in a house or in flat? I live in a flat/ I live in a house.

11.  How long have you lived there? For six/ two/three years.

12.  Do you live near the school? Yes, I do/ No, I don´t, I live far from the school.

13.  Is your house in the centre? Yes, it is. / No, it´s outside the centre.

14.  Tell me about your home. / Tell me about your house. / Where do you live in a house or in flat? I live in a house/flat. It has got one bathroom, two bedrooms and a kitchen.

15.  Describe your house. / What is your house like? It’s a flat. It has got one bathroom, two bedrooms and a kitchen.

16.  What is there in your bedroom? There is a bed, a shelf, a desk and a big window.

17.  Can you tell me about your bedroom? / Describe your bedroom. There is a bed, a chair, a wardrobe and there are books and many toys.

18.  Is there a window? Yes there is. No there isn´t.

19.  What can you see out of the window? I can see the street, a park, flats, a garden.

20.  Who do you live with? I live with my mother, my father and my brother.

21.  What´s your mother´s name? My mother´s name is ……

22.  What´s your father´s name? My father´s name is…..

23.  What are your parents’ names? My parents’ names are Juan and Carmen.

24.  What are your parents’ ´hobbies? My father likes swimming and my mother likes reading.

25.  What´s your mother´s job? My mother is a……

26.  What´s your father’s job? My father’s job is.....

27.  Where does she/he work? She/he works in an office/ in a restaurant/ in a school...

28.  Have you got any brothers or sisters? Yes, I have got one brother. His name is Pedro. No, I haven’t, I’m an only child.

29.  How old is your sister/ brother/ Friend? She/ He is seven years old.

30.  What is his/ her name? Her/ his name is Juan.

31.  Tell me about your family. My mother is Maria, my father is Juan and my sister is Elena.

32.  What´s the name of your school? The name of my school is Vicente Aleixandre.

33.  Do you like it? Yes, I do. No, I don´t.

34.  Tell me about your school/ it. Can you describe it? It’s not very big. It has got three floors. The secretary office and the dining room are on the ground floor. The classrooms and the music room are on the first floor and the computers room, the library and other classrooms are on the second floor. There is also a big playground.

35.  Where is the computer room? Where is your classroom? Tell my how to get there from here? You have to go upstairs and turn right.

36.  What is your favourite subject at school? My favourite subject is English/ My favourite subjects are English and P.E.

37.  What was your first lesson today? My first lesson was English.

38.  What is your last lesson today? My last lesson is Science.

39.  What time do you start school? I start school at half past nine.

40.  What time do you finish school? I finish school at half past four.

41.  Who is your favourite teacher? My favourite teacher is my music teacher/ P.E teacher…

42.  What is his/her name? His name is Alberto/ her name is Cary.

43.  What does she / he look like? She has got brown/black/ blond/ long/short/ straight hair.

44.  How many students are there in your class? There are twenty-six students.

45.  Have you got many friends? Yes, I have. No, I haven’t.

46.  Who’s your best friend? My best friend is Wendy. My best friend is Amin.

47.  Tell me about him/ her. Describe him/her.
Tell me about your mother. Describe your father. She/ he is tall/short. She/he has got long/short hair. She/he has got blue/ green/ brown eyes.

48.  What do you like doing in your free time? Tell me what you like doing with your friends. I like playing football, I like going to the park and I love reading.

49.  Have you got any hobbies? Yes, I like listening to music and reading books. I like dancing and playing with my friends.

50.  What time do you usually get up on weekdays? I get up at eight o’clock.
What time do you usually get up at weekends? I usually get up at ten o’clock.

51.  What are you wearing today? Today I am wearing…..

52.  Look at this picture. What is he/ she wearing today? She/ he is wearing….

53.  What do you do when you get up? First, I wash my face, then I have breakfast, I brush my teeth and finally I go to school.

54.  What do you do at the weekends? I go to the cinema, I go to my grandparents’ house, I go to the park, I visit my family….
55.  What time do you usually go to bed? I usually go to bed at nine o’clock.

56.  What do you do when you get home from school? / What do you do in the evenings? First I do my homework, then I have a evening snack and then I watch TV.

57.  Do you go to the park/ watch TV/ play with your sister/ help your mum/play computers games in the evenings? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

58.  On Saturdays/ Sundays what do normally you do? I normally visit my granny and I play computer games.

59.  What kind of food do you like to eat? /what do you like to eat? I like pizza. I like fruit and vegetables.

60.  What’s your favourite food? My favourite food is chocolate and watermelon.

61.  What do you usually have for breakfast/ lunch/ snack/ dinner? I usually have milk and cereals.

62.  Look at the picture, what meal are they having? They are having lunch/ dinner…

63.  What’s your favourite TV programme? My favourite TV programme is Sponge Bob.

64.  What sports do you like? I like football, tennis basketball…

65.  How often do you play it? I play football every day. I play tennis once a week.

66.  Can you play a music instrument? No I can’t. Yes, I can. I can play the piano.

67.  What’s the weather like today? It’s sunny and hot. It’s cloudy and cold.

68.  What was the weather yesterday? Yesterday it was windy and cold.

69.  What’s your favourite season? My favourite season is summer. Why? Because…

70.  When is your birthday? My birthday is ON THE second of June.

71.  My birthday is in June, when is your birthday? My birthday is in May.

72.  What day is it today? Today is Monday.

73.  What day was it yesterday? Yesterday was Sunday.
74.  What is the date today? Today is THE third of June.

75.  What was the date yesterday? Yesterday was the second of June.

76.  Where were you yesterday? I was at school, in the park, at home…

77.  Look at the picture: what is he/she doing? He/ she is listening to music, she is dancing…

78.  Look at this picture: Is this a family? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.

79.  Who is this? She is the mother/ he is the father.

80.  What does your mother look like? She’s tall. She has got blond hair and green eyes.

81.  Is her/his hair curly/ straight/long/ short? His hair is straight and short.

82.  What colour is his/ her hair? His hair is black.

83.  What’s your father/ mother’s job? He’s a lawyer. She’s a waitress.

84.  Do you have any pets? Yes, I have a cat. No, I haven’t.

85.  Tell me about it? It is small and it has got brown hair.

86.  Look at this picture, describe it (animal). It has got black hair and it is big…

87.  What number is this? It is twenty.

88.  Is this eleven? No, it is forty.

89.  Look at this picture: where is the dog? The dog is in/on/ under/next to/ between/ in front of/ behind the box.

90.  This is my cat. Put it on/in/ under the chair. Put it next to/behind you.

91.  Look at this picture: is the woman reading/ jumping… yes, she is. No, she isn’t.

92.  Look at this picture. How many children are there? There are five children.

93.  What are they doing? They are playing football/ they are writing.

94.  Look at this picture: what is she/he doing? She is listening to music, he is singing a song.
95.  Look at this picture: what colour is the man’s hair? It is brown.

96.  Look at this picture: is the woman sitting down? Yes, she is. / No she isn’t.

97.  Look at these people. Where are they? They are at the park.

98.  Look at this picture. Where are these people? They are in the park, in the library.

99.  Look at this picture. What does she/ he look like? She is tall; she has got long hair and blue eyes.

                      Look at this picture. What is this boy wearing? He is wearing a red shirt, blue trousers and black shoes.

                     Look at this picture: what season do you think it is? It is summer because there is a big sun. It is winter because it is snowing.

                      Look at this map: I am at the school and I want to go to the supermarket .Can you tell me how to get there? Turn right, then go straight and turn left.

                     Give me the directions to get from the hospital to the cinema. Turn left. Then go along King Street until the first street. Then turn left again, go straight and turn right. Go straight and the cinema is on the left.

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