Monday, 10 November 2014

My five senses

Llevamos las dos últimas  semanas aprendiendo e investigando sobre los cinco sentidos.

Vamos a verlos uno por uno:


We use our nose to smell things. Things can smell good or bad.

Roses smell GOOD.

Rubbish smell BAD.


We use the mouth and tongue to taste different flavours. These flavours are: sweet, sour and savoury.

Lemmons taste SOUR.

Candies taste SWEET.

Popcorn taste SAVOURY.


We use our little ears to hear sounds. Sounds can be loud or quiet.

Drums sound LOUD.

A piano sounds QUIET.


We use our eyes to see the world around us. We can see colours or read books.

The rainbow has different colours.


We touch things with our hands and even with our skin. Things can be hard, soft, rough and smooth.

A coin is HARD.
A teddy bear is SOFT.

A cat hair is SMOOTH.

A scourer is ROUGH.

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