Wednesday, 2 November 2016


        THE MIDDLE AGES     
Resultado de imagen de the middle ages pictures for kids 
In this unit you will review and extend your knowledge of the history of the iberian peninsula during the middle ages and learn about the rise and fall of the civilisations and religions that existed at that time. You will place the middle ages in historical context and identify the defining characteristics of the preceding periods.

You will study the origins and development of the visigoth, muslim and christiam civilisations, their social and economic organisation and political development. You will learn about the most important participants and decisive moments in their existence, as well as their cultural legacy. You will also learn about the coexistence and collaboration of  muslims, jews and christians in al-andalus and the important role these played in spain´s development. You will also explore the cultural influence of the Reconquista and the origins of the camino de santiago.

You will lesarn about cities in al-andalus ant the christians kingdoms, how they were designed and what it would be like to live in a medieval city.
You  will also enjoy learn about the four architectural styles of the middle ages.

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