Monday, 10 July 2017


1. Food
  1. What did you eat yesterday?
1.     What is your favourtie food?
2.     Where do you usually have lunch?
3.     What do you usually have for lunch?
4.     What do you usually have for breakfast?
5.     Can you cook?
6.     What healthy food you like?
7.     Do you usually have dinner with your family?
8.     Do you drink milk every day?
9.     How often do you go to restaurants?
10.                            Do you prefer fish or meat?
11.                            How many mails do you usually eat everyday?
12.                            Do you like to try new food?
13.                            What food do you like?
14.                            What food do you hate?

Sports and hobbies. 
1. Do you play any sports?
2. Which is your favorite sport? Why?
3. Would you like to play a new sport?
4. What is the most interesting sport?
5. What sport do you like to watch on TV?
6. Can you play the guitar?
7. What´s your favorite singer or band?
8. Are you a member of a team?
9. Are you good at tennis?
Weekend and seasonal activities.                         
1.     What´s your favorite season? Why?
2.     What´s the weather in your favorite season?
3.     What do you usually do in your free time?
4.     Where were you last weekend?
5.     How often do you go to the cinema?
6.     What do you like doing on your birthday?
7.     Tell me about last weekend?
8.     Do you visit your grandparents?
9.     Tell me something you like doing at the weekends.
10.                    Have you ever gone to the cinema?
11.                    What do you usually do at Easter?
12.                    Name special festivals in your country.
13.                    What can you do in summer?
14.                    Tell me about your favorite family weekend.

1.     Do you like shopping?
2.     How often do you go shopping?
3.     Where do you buy food?
4.     Do you go shopping with your family?
5.     Did you go shopping last weekend?
6.     When was the last time you went shopping?
7.     Did you buy something nice last weekend?
8.     Are you going shopping next weekend?
9.     Where are you going to go?
10.                    Who are you going with?
11.                    What are you going to buy?
12.                    Tell me about your favourite shop
13.                    Where do you buy shoes?
14.                    What time do shops open/close in your city?


1.     Where do you usually go on holidays?
2.     Where did you go on holidays last summer?
3.     Who did you go with?
4.     What do you like the most?
5.     What was the weather like?
6.     What did you do most of the time?
7.     Where are you going on holidays next year?
8.     How did you travel?
9.     How often do you go on holidays?
10.                    Tell me about the best moment you have in your holidays.
11.                    Tell me the differences between going to the beach and going to the mountains.

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